Monday, August 14, 2006

This time, the short, short version

I have a lovely, long post on the Braves ready to go yesterday and then Blogger ate it. That's what I get for not using Microsoft Word. Anyway, here is the Cliff Notes version:

1. The team, warts and all, is one torrid two-week stretch (something like 11-2) from being a serious threat to make the playoffs.

2. With this pitching staff, an 11-2 stretch is highly unlikely.

3. The top of the 7th on Wednesday was miserable, as a result of: (a) a walk-happy set of relievers who issued free passes to the dregs of the Philly lineup; (b) the temperature approximating the surface of the sun; and (c) a jackass in a lavender golf shirt who knocked over my beer and didn't turn around to apologize or offer me a new one. Just a vortex of crap.

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