Friday, October 02, 2009

A Great Stat Summarizing the Braves' Season

From Joe Sheehan at the Baseball Prospectus($):

Diaz's mistake was good for the 27th out in the 158th game, but the Braves aren't falling short of the postseason just because he was indecisive in a key spot. As they did Tuesday, the Braves were put behind by their rotation, and when that happens, they have very little chance to win. A team that lived and died by its starting pitching got back-to-back poor starts from Tim Hudson and Javier Vazquez at the wrong time, and couldn't overcome them. That's been a theme all year long. When they allow four or five runs, a level at which a team should be competitive, the Braves are a brutal 12-28, a .300 winning percentage. The rest of MLB is 495-638, a .437 mark. That .300 percentage is the lowest in the game, and by far the lowest of any contending team. It is the final indictment of the offense, and the reason the Braves' season will end on Sunday.

The rally at the end of the season was fantastic, but we shouldn't let it obscure the fact that the offense needs to get a little better for this team to reach its goals in Bobby's swan song. Some of that offensive output will come from Jason Heyward, some will come from a full season without the Out-o-matic 9000, some will come from Greg Norton not being thrown into key at-bats, and some will hopefully come from a top-shelf first baseman.


thirdfalcon said...

I don't know if we need a first baseman. LeRouches numbers we the best on the team down the stretch.

Michael said...

LaRoche is a free agent. I'd be fine with the Braves bringing him back. If we don't re-sign him, then we need someone comparable. What we can't do is sign a Garrett Anderson equivalent for first base that will ensure that we come close, but don't make the playoffs again next year.

brandon knight said...

Jason Heyward looks like the real deal, and the Braves might have the next superstar on their hands. I read that the reason he dropped so far in the 2007 MLB Draft was because he got pitched around throughout high school and scouts couldnt get a good look at him.