Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Exactly a Vote of Confidence

I read this analysis of Florida's pass protection issues and my only thought was: can I really imagine Willie Martinez dialing up the complicated stunting/blitz packages that would be required to mimic what Tennessee, Arkansas, LSU, and Mississippi State were able to do to shut down the Florida offense?

I really don't have a good sense as to what will happen tomorrow. If the game follows form, then Florida's defense will dominate Georgia's offense by making them completely one dimensional and then create just enough on offense to win an ugly game by ten or so. However, weird things have happened in this rivalry before (although not as much in the past two decades, unless "weird things" is translated as "Florida wins all the time.") Maybe Florida breaks out. Maybe Georgia suddenly finds balance on offense. Maybe Florida's defense and special teams put points on the board to start a rout. Maybe A.J. Green goes wild. There seem to be more variables to this game than there normally are for a big SEC game.


Anonymous said...

Why is Georgia playing Joe Cox at QB? He's gone after the season, they aren't going anywhere special this year, and Cox isn't good enough to freak out about losing his services. Does Georgia have a Big Time recruit at QB behind him?

Jesse said...

I'm not entirely certain of the order, but they have a FR in Aaron Murray (iirc Murray is the stud) and a SO in Logan Gray. At first glance, I assumed that neither are good enough to beat Cox out of the starting spot or they would have already made a change, but looking at the schedules, it is still possible for uga to win the East and have a shot at becoming the SEC champs. From that perspective it seems as though they are trying to win now instead of preparing for the future, with the line of thought possibly being that Cox provides the best chance at that. Then again, that also means they believe they can beat Florida.

Auburn has been horrible lately and Kentucky is beatable, so I guess anything can happen, but personally I just don't see it. At this point, it might be in the uga's long-term interest to get their QB of the future some valuable PT while they can. I understand Cox was loyal to the program for four years and maybe Richt wants to show some back, but it shouldn't be at the expense of the programs future.

Jesse said...

Well, that was interesting. I think Richt waited too long to put in Logan Gray, not that he was effective mind you, but it was clear to me that the game was over by the end of the third quarter. Maybe Richt will start some of these young kids against Tenn Tech. They might be able to win that one easily.