Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Quick MNF Thought

I thoroughly enjoyed the Dolphins-Jets game last night. Maybe it was the prominent roles played by Chad Henne and Braylon Edwards. Maybe I was excited to watch the fourth quarter after 90 minutes of Dancing With the Stars. Maybe it was because it's always fun to watch a New York hype bubble get popped, with Rex Ryan's immovable defense being the latest. Mostly, it was the Miami offense. I thoroughly enjoy watching diverse offensive schemes, so seeing the Dolphins incorporate the wildcat, the spread 'n' shred, and a conventional pro-style offense was great fun. Jon Gruden's commentary added to my enjoyment because he is the one NFL talking head who understands the difference between the wildcat and the spread. Gruden has been a massive upgrade over Tony Kornheiser. If I'm going to be Statler & Waldorf regarding ESPN, it's incumbent on me to point out when they get a decision right. So, kudos to the mouse.

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Jesse said...

Agreed, on all accounts. Watching Miami's offense makes watching the game better for me. I like seeing people trying different things instead of falling in-line with the same ol' same ol'. Maybe that's why I find CPJ's offense at GT so interesting. It doesn't conform to what typically is the standard way of thinking and it just makes watching the game more interesting. For me at least.

And the current MNF crew from ESPN is probably the best in a long time. Let's hope that ESPN sees it as a keeper.