Thursday, July 28, 2005

Our first warning sign on Vick

For those of you with ESPN Insider, click on the link above to read Len Pasquarelli's negative take on Michael Vick's performance at the practice that he attended. For those of you without Insider, take my word for it that Big Len was not impressed with the accuracy or footwork of our franchise quarterback. At this stage, I feel like a child in a storm, huddling under a blanket and muttering over and over the mantra: "The team wins with him and not without him." All of the evidence, from Pasquarelli's observations (and the article shows why I like Len; he's not afraid of whacking sacred cows, such that compliments that come from him actually mean something) to the analysis by film watchers like K.C. Joyner to statistical analysis from Football Outsiders to Ron Jaworski's purported off-camera comments that Vick won't be a quarterback in three years points to one conclusion: Vick is not a good passer. I'm at a loss to jibe all of those assessments with the fact that the Falcons have had very good seasons in Vick's two years as a starter.


The Harsh said...

First day of training camp!?

Oh, no!!

I guess that means the Falcons will win 7 games. Len P is always right?

peacedog said...

It was the first day of camp - I'd be more interested to hear LP's thoughts a week or two in. That said, one does wonder.