Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Today's the day

There are two days that serve as the unofficial kickoff to college football season in my world. One is the day that the wife goes to Borders and buys Phil Steele for me. The other is the day I go to Best Buy and pick up this gem. I was driving up to Charlotte yesterday for a deposition and was remembering in my head every exit that has a Best Buy for the trip back today. Yes, I'm pathetic.

I'm actually not overly excited about any of the new features of the game this year. The Heisman mode doesn't wow me because I'm not much on individual role playing. It seems like a nod to the modern generation, weaned on Grand Theft Auto. I am, however, looking forward to new game play after pretty much mastering NCAA '05. Having receivers who don't "catch" the ball like Jackie Smith in Super Bowl XIII will be a nice addition. Plus, the process of having to master a new playbook and find those 4-5 plays that always work is always entertaining.

On second thought, maybe I gave Heisman mode a raw deal, since they apparently used my freshman dorm room for a screen shot. All it's missing is the Sega Genesis with Bill Walsh College Football, a Hebrew textbook, my sweet-ass Brazil '94 cap, a stack of Dylan CDs to scare away all the women, my Brother word processor, the poster of Tyrone Wheatley breaking away in the 1/1/93 Rose Bowl, and the dorky pre-meds outside the room breaking down the pros and cons of lunch in excrutiating detail. Otherwise, it's a dead ringer for 5120 Mary Markley

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peacedog said...

I'm not sure if the changes to recruiting will be good. I don't like the idea of inseason recruiting because it will probably just add to the complexity without improving the model. It has fundamental issues that need addressing, and if they don't address them then any changes will likely be moot.

Also, NCAA has to have the wrost simulartion engine known to man, and I doubt it got beefed up. Iguess there aren't many people who get to a point where they just like to simulate and recruit, though, or they might address it.

I hate EA with a passion. Fortunately, I only have like 6 EA purchases to my name since the Playstation Era. I'll probably be forced to get this. I haven't decided if I care about getting it or not. I'm sure it will be enjoyable for awhile.