Monday, May 09, 2005

All Hail Billy Knight!

Remember when Knight was being excoriated for giving up Antoine Walker and only getting a first round pick in return? Anyone want to re-evaluate after Walker stunk in the playoffs?

On the other hand, Jason Terry was an ace for Dallas against Houston and Knight essentially got a first round pick and cap space in return for the Jet, so maybe we shouldn't be covering Knight with laurels just yet.

I'm really looking forward to this NBA off-season, by the way, although I'm fairly certain I'm going to be disappointed when the Hawks emerge with Andrew Bogut and little else. Grabbing Louis Williams with the first pick in the second round might be intriguing, especially because there are potential synergies between him and Josh Smith, but if the descriptions of his game are correct, he sounds like a third guard/Microwave Johnson player on the next level. From his perspective, getting tabbed by the Hawks at the start of the second round would be far preferable to being a late first round pick because he'd be in his comfort zone and, more importantly, he'd get playing time to develop his point guard skills.

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