Friday, May 27, 2005

Please, G-d, let this be the answer

From this morning's AJC:

"Kolb and Mazzone cite progress Kolb has made in the past 10 days. Kolb said Mazzone noticed something Wednesday in the bullpen they believe contributed to his erratic pitch location — swinging his front foot instead of stepping straight down in his delivery."

"'Now it’s just trying to repeat it,' said Kolb, who is also paying heed to a suggestion to use his changeup more. 'I’m going to fight, not give up. I’m going to try to get my job back, get things turned around by the All-Star break and have a great second half.'"

I promise, I'll take it all back if you start throwing competently. I'll call you "Dan Dynamo" instead of "Dan Doodie." I'll sing along whole-heartedly when you prance in to "Enter Sandman." I'll proclaim that four-letter last names are the bomb. (Right now, I feel like Stifler pleading with the two faux lesbians at the end of American Pie 2 - "I'll kiss anyone in here! Dudes, chicks, anything!")

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