Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A frightening thought: the Marlins are a better team (right now)

I know it's only one game and it's very early in the season, but I look at this Marlins team and wonder how it won't win the division. Their starting pitching is just as good as that of the Braves, if not better, and they have Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Delgado in the middle of their lineup, whereas we have Chipper and his bum foot and Andruw and his .234 average. I try so hard to like Andruw and defend him against the regular criticism that he gets, and then he goes and fouls out with the bases loaded and one out in a 5-2 game against a pitcher struggling mightily with his control. Al thanks you for the help, 'Druw.

It also bears mentioning that former prospect Wilson Betemit has now committed three errors in 18 total chances. He might want to think about a timeshare up in Pigeon Forge with Brad Komminsk and Mike Kelly. The defense was generally poor during the Marlins' five-run outburst in the third.

The good news from last night's game:

1. The team showed enough patience at the plate to draw seven walks, which is something new and exciting.

2. Jorge Sosa threw a solid inning and continues to emerge as a reliable set-up man along with Chris Reitsma.

3. Skip Caray and Joe Simpson were absolutely KILLING C.B. Bucknor's work behind the plate.

4. If the team continues to get very little from Raul Mondesi and the Marlins get out to a lead in the division, then Schuerholtz will almost certainly make a move and right field is a fairly easy position at which to find a productive player. In fact, there's one such guy playing third for the Richmond Braves right now who might be able to play right. (In fairness, Marte's numbers have tapered off a little for Richmond and his OPS is now .782.)

We need a big effort today from Tim Hudson, because I suspect that the bats are going to be quiet, given that A.J. Burnett is pitching and it's a day game. The Braves have a .206 average and a .580 OPS in day games this year. If this was soccer, the Braves would be playing for penalties from the opening whistle, a la the 1990 Argentine team that bored its way to the Final against West Germany.

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peacedog said...

Actually, I think the player to look out for a Richmond might be former IF now OF and also former Longhorn Kelly Johnson (I'm pretty sure he went to Texas).

Now, obvious knock on him aside (that he went to Texas), he was having a terrific year last I saw and he's been pretty good in the minors, all in all. I think he might be better suited for OF duty, but who knows.

Also, Marte is still frighteningly young, so I don't want to rush him. That can cause problems with young guys some times. Let him have the whole year at AAA as far as I am concerned.