Tuesday, May 31, 2005


1. Would it be too much to ask for the geniuses who run RFK Stadium to paint the entirety of the foul pole?

2. What's galling about the decision yesterday to rule Brian Jordan's home run foul is not just that the call was initially made correctly, but rather that it was made initially by the third base ump, who had the best view of the play. Once he has made the initial call, there's no way that anyone else had a better look or was more sure that he was right. In the end, the call came down to 1) the umps liking Frank Robinson more, 2) the umps not wanting to anger the crowd or 3) Ed Montague being the alpha male in the group. Who knows. Anyway, with Brian Jordan struggling to show any power, this was especially upsetting. (Is it a coincidence, by the way, that he played one of his better games of the year after Raul Mondesi, who has similar stats to Jordan, was released?)

3. Who didn't know that Roman Colon was going to concede a run once he came into the game?

4. The controversy over the home run obscures the fact that the team didn't hit the ball for shit against a mediocre starting pitcher. The team didn't have an extra-base hit until Andruw's homer with two outs in the 9th. When you get out-hit 9-4, you probably don't deserve to win. Not only did the Nationals out-hit the Braves, but they had more close calls, namely Jose Guillen's two drives that would have been out of a lot of stadia.

5. John Foster is up to nine innings without allowing a run. (Jinx?)


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