Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And the BCS gets dumber and dumber

Wonderful, a poll composed of the likes of Roy Kramer and former coaches and players. I don't have a tremendous amount of respect for the coaches poll to begin with because I view most college football coaches as glorified gym teachers (with some exceptions.) (Yes, I have reasons other than the 1997 sop to Tom Osborne.) I have less respect for former coaches and players because they generally aren't even current with what's going on in their sport (again, with exceptions.)

Look at TV analysts. Do former coaches or players like Lee Corso or Aaron Taylor really seem to know more about the sport than we do? Sure, they know a lot more about the technique of playing, but are they any more able to compare team A and team B? No. Maybe I've internalized Moneyball too much, but I'm just not impressed with the fraternity of former players and coaches, who claim to have a better understanding of their games than the "eggheads" who analyze it. Now, current and former coaches and players are going to comprise two-thirds of the BCS rankings. Wonderful. That'll stop fans like me from asking for a playoff.

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