Monday, April 18, 2005

A nice thought about the Braves

I'm sure I'm going to jinx Tim Hudson by making this point, but to illustrate how important it is that the Braves have two bona fide #1 starters, look at how instrumental our #1 starters have been in the Braves' playoff exits over the past three years:

2002 - Glavine is shelled in games one and four and finishes with a 15.26 ERA; the Braves lose the series in five.

2003 - Ortiz pitches OK in game one, poorly in game five, and finishes with a 5.06 ERA; the Braves lose the series in five. (In fairness, their inability to hit Kerry Wood was the major factor there.)

2004 - Jaret Wright gets bombed in games one and five and finishes with a 9.31 ERA; the Braves lose in five.

If the Braves get to the playoffs this year, they will be going without the handicap that has killed them for the past three years: the absence of a true #1 starter.

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peacedog said...

It's not just the issue of having a true #1 IMO. Hudson could pitch in that situation and falter in game 5 as well, and it may not be a fault of his.

Generally speaking, guys suck on 4 days rest. Some guys can overcome that, but it's difficult and I'm not sure if anyone has done it consistently throughout their career. Early in the divisional round era, Cox always pitched the 4th starter in game 4. What a world of difference it makes. I think we're deep enough this year that we should be able to do that, and that's a big deal.