Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Not a good night for the local pro sports collectives

Same old same old for the Braves, other than the fact that they got a second straight non-quality start from John Thomson. (He got much better last year in the second half, so I'm not overly worried.) No one on the team hit, other than Chipper, and they continue to swing at balls way out of the zone. Andruw officially looks terrible; he's gone back to swinging at everything down and away. For his third K last night, he waved at three straight off-speed pitches down and away. I could get him out at this stage. When that guy slumps, he REALLY slumps.

After two straight solid performances, the Hawks left their fans with a turd to remember in their final home game of the season. Here's a piece of evidence for the theory that opposing teams don't play hard against the Hawks: the Pistons played their prospects (Delfino and Darko,) who were motivated to show their merit, and they dominated our hometown Hawks. Great.

Another depressing thought: I've gotten my hopes up that Tyson Chandler, who would be a perfect for this team, will be available. Then I watched the Nets highlights and thought to myself: "how good would the Nets be with a quality big man to go with Kidd, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson? And would Chandler rather play with Jason Kidd or Royal Ivey?" There are a ton of teams looking for free agent big men and most of them are far more attractive than the Hawks. So, the Draft it is.

Now, if Mr. Chandler is confronted with the idea of playing with Chris Paul...

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peacedog said...

Smoltzie throwing a gem (but dammit Cox, don't push it). Braves not hitting.

This team's slump is not unlike Andruw's. It's comical, almost.