Friday, April 22, 2005

Possibly the dumbest non-Scoop Jackson article to ever appear on

To paraphrase the principal from Billy Madison, we are all dumber for having read it. I already had a low opinion of Tom Friend for his consistent shilling for Maurice Clarett, including about 572 excuses for why he ran slower than some defensive ends and middle linebackers at the Combine, as well as the fact that he writes for that rag ESPN the Magazine. Now, he has truly outdone himself with the linked article. (Click on the title of this story for all of the idiocy. I implore you.)

Only a second-rate writer from the People magazine of the sports world would think that the irrelevant personal details that he mines about "misunderstood" athletes are more important than their physical skills or production. His argument is meaningless because, as his writing shows, you can find these impressive personal details about ANY athlete. I'm sure that Cade McNown also got really excited before games. I bet Bruce Pickens watched tape of Deion Sanders and wanted to be him.

I can't believe I just spent two paragraphs on this swill. Let's just move on.

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