Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Hawks Can't Buy a Break

Not only do the Hawks have the worst record in the league, not only are they collapsing at the end of the year from mildly competitive to downright embarrassing, not only would they have a hard time beating the newly-crowned NCAA Champion, but now, they had to deal with additional negative press because they are raising ticket prices. And the worst part is that they also cut ticket prices as well, but they get no credit for that.

Basically, the Hawks increased ticket prices for all of their best seats, which are typically bought by people whose demand for those tickets is relatively inelastic. In other words, if you're going to spend $65 to watch a terrible team, then you're probably not going to mind paying an extra $10. Meanwhile, the Hawks dramatically cut prices on the most overpriced tickets in the arena: the upper deck seats behind the baskets. Those sections are almost always barren, so cutting those tickets from $25 to $10 is a smart move. It will make Hawks games more affordable for fans who are more affected by a $15 change in price. Plus, the Hawks are talking about $5/seat for those seats in a season ticket package. An NBA season ticket for $205? Hell, I'm not much of an NBA fan and I'd be very tempted by that offer.

The Hawks are doing what Arthur Blank did: cut end zone prices dramatically to encourage fans to buy cheap season tickets. Now, all they need is the basketball equivalent of Mike Vick and Philips might stop being such a mausoleum.

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peacedog said...

Hmmm. . .

1) I can't remember if it was Packer or not that was harping on Augstine getting "touch fouls" and how he would wind up fixating on that when watching the film. He correctly pointed out that part of the problem was the fundamental misstep (pardon the pun) with Augustine not moving his feet. but he kept going back to the touch fouls.

And he ignored the illegal picks that occoured all game (there were borderline ones I don't mind not being called), and he ignored the fact that every other Illini offensive rebound seem to come right after a pretty obvious and fierce shove of a UNC would be rebounder.

That kind of thing irks me.

2) I have some doubts about felton (can't way to read the sport guy's column). On one hand he improve his shooting to the point that he was a threat, and that's impressive (Mike Mercer: I hope you watched and listened). Rashad Wright did the same thing at UGA, only Felton took it one step further.

On the other: he sitll occasionally does idiotic things (like driving into a crowd of 5 people in the lane and turning it over ultimately). I'm probably being too harsh here, and the effect of his not being on the floor was noticeable.

I wonder how his defense will be at the next level though, and sometimes his ball handling looks pretty sloppy for a one who is a supposed caretaker.

3) I have doubts about May's pro potential. In mid Feb, I was likening him to Danny Forston and Corliss Williamson. Brand has that wonderful wingspan, which allows him to be a force on defense and on the glass.

May doesnt' have that. He was terrific in the tournament, there's no denying it. And when he wasn't tired, it was comical watching Illinoi try and defend him. It was one of the more entertaining finals performances I've seen in awhile. And he really has transformed his game. He's pretty strong.

But so was Corliss, who was a serviceable bench player for a couple of years but that's it.

I'm not sure what to make of him.

4) Marvin Williams has a long way to go before he is ready for the pros. He can't really assert himself in the low post yet (on either end), and all the permiter skill in the world won't matter if he can't do that (just ask CWebb). On the other hand, if he gets stronger, I think he's going to be terrific.

5) Rashad Mcants. . . I think the wombats running rampant in his dome far outweight his considerable talent. He did make some big first half shots, but he made plenty of misplays as well.

6) D Williams on the other side was pretty darn good I thought. I think he is going to have a good pro career (ditto Garcia for UL).

7) How about the lack of tournovers in the second half? Both teams had good defensive tempo (at least when UNC wasn't in the man to man), but I think it was a credit to the offenses more than anything (particularly the Illini offense).

8) Woohoo! Dawgs pick up their second OL commitment in the last couple of weeks. The first guy might be a grade issue I understand.

Both of these guys sound like they are "top 10 in Georgia" prostpect material, for what little that matters. The only downside to the kid we signed yesterda ys that he is 6'6", 285, and we seem to have recreuited that type of lineman alot and had bad luck with it so far.