Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Is There Anything Better Than a Shaky Closer?

Just asking.

The good news is that the Braves' starting rotation has been almost perfect since Smoltz's poor outing in the opener. Hudson gave the team exactly what they're paying him for: 8 innings, 1 earned run, and a lead going into the ninth.

More good news: Andy Marte's stats after six games at Richmond are .435, three homers, and eight RBI. Schuerholz and Cox are going to have some decisions to make if he continues to tear up AAA pitching and Mondesi, Langerhand, and Jordan continue to struggle (or get hurt.) Marte to the outfield is the most likely move.


Aaron P. said...

They cannot hold off Marte much longer. Not even the Braves, who seem to abhor giving prospects meaningful playing time even more than Dusty Baker.

Kolb was execreble last night in Philly. Nice way to walk the tying and go ahead runs to start an inning.

Michael said...

If Jordan and Mondesi continue to struggle and the team needs a boost, then Marte will be in the outfield here.

This summer could remind me of the '93 pennant race, when the Braves languished behind the Giants in the NL West because of their weak offense. The offense was bad in large part because they got nothing from 1B (Sid Bream) and C (Gregg Olson). Nevertheless, Javy Lopez and Ryan Klesko stayed in Richmond for the whole summer.