Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One nice thing about Rafael Furcal

When I was a camp counselor in the summer of 1996, the age group head ended every staff meeting by forcing each of us to say "One Nice Thing" about someone else in the age group. Since so much of what I do on this Blog is criticize, it would be nice to play One Nice Thing this summer.

Anyway, although he's been impotent with the bat, Rafael Furcal deserves some credit for some terrific defensive play over the first 13 games. He has only committed one error and he's getting to everything, according to both my lying eyes and the zone rating/range factor stats. He made a beautiful throw from short left field yesterday to get a runner at first, the kind of throw that only the Shawon Dunstons of the world can make. (He's my archetype of a strong-armed shortstop.)

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