Friday, April 08, 2005

Jimmy Fallon must be so happy

"Baseball Tonight" was playing in the background while I ate lunch. You might think that the purpose of this show is to show Major League Baseball highlights. Unfortunately, that requirement apparently does not exist when the Red Sox or Yankees are off, because the opening segment of the show contained extended highlights of Curt Schilling's spring training start, followed by Curt at his press conference, followed by an in-depth report on Terry Francona's chest pains. Silly me, I thought that there are other teams in baseball beyond the defending AL East runners-up. I must have been in the bathroom when they reported on Johnny Damon's BM from yesterday.

And ESPN helpfully preceded "Red Sox Tonight" with an "Outside the Lines" show on pitchers breaking their arms while pitching. Nothing goes better with a grilled chicken salad than seeing Tom Browning's arm snap for the 857th time. (Question: why am I so squeamish about arms breaking mid-pitch, but I can watch Tony Montana shoot a mansion-full of Sosa's henchmen and not mind at all?)

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